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You deserve the kudos

Friday, May 9 2014

It’s yet another May the 9th and quite surprisingly we discover that Prabashi Post has completed its first annual circle. Did we foresee that on May the 9th, 2013? Probably not! To be honest, we didn’t have any inkling as to what really lay ahead.

What started as an early morning telephonic discussion, now developed into a proverbial plant. We don’t even claim to be anywhere near a young tree, and yet on reflection the journey over the past one year has been quite exciting and satisfying.

I have the Prabashi Post website open on the screen of my phone, and I can see that we have eight main sections – Views, Culture, Lifestyle, Blogzone, Videos, Durgotsav and Magazine, leave aside Poets’ Corner, Photography and Latest News.

Frankly speaking, we couldn’t have imagined these many sections when it all started on Rabindranath Thakur’s earlier birthday in 2013.

We are trying to reflect on what kept us going and growing. The one thing that comes to our mind is your support. The readers, contributors, patrons of Prabashi Post and many others stood rock solid behind us and boosted our confidence and determination.

Mathematical science tells us that pinnacle is actually a step away from downslide. So we are not even ready to ever reach the pinnacle and always want to strive for the best that lies ahead.

And we know that we are not alone in our endeavour.

More from the Author

Saturday, Jan 4 2014

We have made a tiny update to our website whereby you can now see more articles from the same author whose article you are reading currently. This information appears on the right side of the article with a heading "More from XYZ".

For a stronger partnership in 2014

Tuesday, Dec 31 2013

The yearend is a time to reflect on the past and energise for the future. 2013 has been a momentous year for Prabashi Post, not only because it took off, but it was in this year we at the Trigon Media managed to identify a real need for the global Bengalis. The intellectually savvy Bengalis need something more than the basic necessities of living. We need issues to rake our brains and wrack our nerves. It might sound snob, yet a seamless life, without waves of anxiety and drips of stress, is never the ambition of a Bengali, and it was for this reason that Prabashi Post was launched with a global ambition. The aim was to make us think and share our thoughts to shape up a global dialogue.

It was on a January morning that Rajat Dey of Trigon Media first floated the idea of launching a composite package, which more than anything else would fulfil the intellectual needs of the Bengalis within the parameters of a modern world, which was so globalised that it now seemed like a small village.

Thanks to information technology and sky-reaching aspirations, the Bengalis now tend to interact with their counterparts in other parts of the globe, and it is not a one-way traffic. Notwithstanding the places of their physical presence, the Bengalis interact with others from a position of strength, reflecting their comparative advantages. This is what makes the global conversation much more engaging, meaningful and fulfilling.

There are no qualms in admitting that Prabashi Post is nowhere near where we aspire to be, yet the beginning of the journey can undoubtedly be branded momentous. The team was blessed with spontaneous support from our well-wishers, who not only provided the much needed content but also unequivocally shared their thoughts on how the platform can be shaped better to fulfil its overarching dream.

The journey though was never easy. Teething problems nagged us day in and day out. The logistics and legalities kept the team on its toes, yet the experience was nonetheless fulfilling. The endeavour of the team is to take Prabashi Post to a new height and meet the needs of the people it wants to serve. In the process we want to widen the scope of the publication so as to encompass a much wider section of the Indian society, which has rooted itself strongly in the global domain.

As we come to an end to 2013, Prabashi Post wishes all its readers, contributors and patrons a very happy new year. We seek your support in the days ahead and our partnership is bound to be stronger.

Video Section Launched

Thursday, Aug 8 2013

Today we are launching our new video section which will progressively include a choicest collection of the best videos from YouTube and soon a collection of PrabashiPost's own videos. The videos are categorised by Genre and Artists for you to quickly navigate to your subject of interest. If you are registered member, you will soon be able to recommend a video at

Photo of the Week & Bengali Connection

Monday, Jun 10 2013

Prabashi Post has completed its first month and we have almost put things in order. Obviously, there is scope for further improvement and we will strive to do so.

To mark the completion of the inaugural month of Prabashi Post, we are launching “Photo of the Week”. I am sure it will evince a lot of interest among photographers and photo lovers. Please send your pictures to team (at)

To celebrate the global spread of Bengalis we are also going to publish a series of articles to underline the connections that link Bengalis with other races. It starts with “The French Connection.”

Please enjoy and share your thoughts.

New things in pipeline

Monday, May 27 2013

I am sure our readers are gradually getting into the habit of reading Prabashi Post. A very warm welcome to you all.

As you have already seen, the Poets’ Corner is now live. The section will be gradually populated with more outstanding poems. Aspiring poets are more than welcome to send their poems with a few lines about themselves.

Many new things are in the pipeline.
A special “Photo of the week” Section is in the offing. You can post your snaps for this section. More details on this coming later.

Some of you may experience difficulty with Bengali Fonts display on your browser. We will publish a guide soon to help you sort this issue.

Enjoy the week ahead. We will fill Prabashi Post with lots of new and exciting things in the days to come. Please don’t forget to send your valuable feedback to

Till next week...

আপনারাই প্রবাসী পোস্ট-এর প্রকৃত অংশীদার

Tuesday, May 21 2013

প্রবাসী পোস্ট চালু হওয়ার পর দেখতে দেখতে বেশ কয়েকটা দিন কেটে গেল । ইতিমধ্যে আপনাদের কাছ থেকে যে সাড়া পেয়েছি তা এক কথায় অভূতপূর্ব। এখনো নতুন নতুন বিভাগ-বিষয় দিয়ে ওয়েবসাইট সাজানোর কাজ চলছে, তার মধ্যেই আপনাদের পরামর্শ নিঃসন্দেহে আমাদের অনুপ্রাণিত করেছে ।

Social Media-কে আধুনিক যুগে মতপ্রকাশ এবং যোগাযোগের একটি গুরুত্বপূর্ণ মাধ্যম হিসেবে ধরা হয় এবং সেখানেও আপনাদের যে সাড়া আমরা পেয়েছি তা যথেষ্ট উৎসাহব্যঞ্জক ।

যাত্রা শুরুর সময় যেমন বলেছি, আপনাদের এই উৎসাহ, সাহচর্যই আমাদের আগামীতে পথ দেখাবে । বিশ্বের যে প্রান্তেই থাকুন না কেন আপনারাই প্রবাসী পোস্ট-এর প্রকৃত অংশীদার, আমাদের অভিভাবক । আপনাদের দেখিয়ে দেওয়া পথেই প্রবাসী পোস্ট পরিপূর্ণতা পাবে এই বিশ্বাস আমাদের আছে ।

ইতিমধ্যে Blogzone চালু হয়েছে । কবিতার প্রতি বাঙালির আকর্ষণ চিরন্তন তাই অচিরেই শুরু হবে কবিতা বিভাগ । আপনাদের বিভিন্ন আনুষ্ঠানের খবর সাড়া বিশ্বের কাছে পৌছে দিতে এবার থেকে থাকবে বিশেষ ব্যবস্থাও । আপনাদের অনুষ্ঠানমালার কথা দ্রুত team(at) এই ঠিকানায় লিখে পাঠান ।

আর প্রবাসী পোস্ট আপনাদের কেমন লাগছে তাও ওপরের ঠিকানায় লিখে জানাতে ভুলবেন না । যারা লেখা-ছবি পাঠাতে আগ্রহী তাঁদের বলি, অবশ্যই পাঠান ওপরের ঠিকানায় । আপনাদের পাঠানো ফুলে ফুলে ভরে উঠুক বাঙালির এই নতুন মালা ।

আবার কথা হবে আগামী সপ্তাহে ।

সবাই ভাল থাকুন ।

Welcome to Prabashi Post

Thursday, May 9 2013

Let us welcome you all on behalf of Prabashi Post, which is being launched today to celebrate the achievements of global Bengalis. Who can be a better ambassador of Bengalis on the world stage than Rabindranath Tagore. One of the greatest thinkers of his time, Tagore is a unique embodiment of everything that is global as well as Bengali. It is for this reason that Prabashi Post chose the poet’s 152nd birthday to embark on a unique journey of promoting the essence that is related to millions of Bengalis living around the world. Tagore’s belief in internationalism has influenced us to look beyond the geographical boundaries of the traditional homeland of Bengalis, and yet our aim is to build a bridge between Bengal and the rest of the world.

Bengalis all over the world have made tremendous strides in various spheres of life. They have positioned themselves in places of importance all around the globe, but sky-high aspirations and resounding success never steered them away from their roots. Prabashi Post aspires to strike the emotional chord that binds all Bengalis together.

Bengalis living around the globe are the real custodians of this endeavour and we are confident of living up to your expectations. We are mindful that there will be initial hiccups and teething problems, but are confident of taking this publication project for Bengalis to a new height. With your support and our commitment we are sure that the world is up for grabs.

As we embark on this special journey, let us recall the contribution of those who worked hard to uphold the uniqueness and dignity of all Bengalis. We seek cooperation and support from each and every Bengali living around the globe to make this project a success.