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Advertising in PrabashiPost
Why PrabashiPost ?
Top 5 Reasons
Our Policy
What we will not Advertise
Our Rights

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Advertising in PrabashiPost


General    (Section Reference: )

bulletPP & your adverts
  Prabashi Post's purpose is to be the one stop site for global Bengalis. We aim to provide quality all round infotainment to our visitors and at the same time promoting new talents. We are a small but dedicated team who do this by investing time, research and money into the key areas that attract, provide value for time and keep visitors loyal to our website. We utilize the latest in web infrastructure and technology to deliver a fantastic, easy to use website. This benefits the customer and maximizes advertising exposure through 4 of today‚Äôs leading sales generating tools: Website, Newsletter, Digital Magazine and Social Media (Facebook, Twitter, YouTube etc).

bulletTop 5 Reasons for Advertising in PP
  1. Flat rate and unlimited impressions per month, no CPC/CPM (Cost per impressions advertising)
2. Suit your budget with our competitive advertising prices and options
3. Expose your business, brand or event globally to thousands of visitors every month
4. Exclusive and limited advertising spaces per page for your business, brand or event
5. Frequently updated website with new and relevant content to keep visitors loyal

bulletOur Advertising Policy
  We are keen to encourage advertisements on our site. However, advertisers must recognise that there are some restrictions on the adverts we will accept. We will evaluate the suitability of all advertisements before including them and will accept them at our absolute discretion. Acceptance of an advertisement and its inclusion on our site doesn't imply any recommendation or endorsement by us of the product or service being advertised.

bulletWhat we will not Advertise
  We will accept advertising for most services and products. However, as a policy we will not accept advertising for websites that promote the following:
1. adult entertainment or pornography
2. gambling products or services
3. political organisations.
4. promote or endorse illegal or inappropriate behaviour or lifestyles
5. mock, degrade or poke fun at specific people or groups of people
6. be sexual in nature
7. be likely to offend visitors to the site
8. be likely to damage the reputation of PrabashiPost or bring it into disrepute.

bulletOur Rights
  We reserve the right to refuse to publish an advertisement or to withdraw a published advertisement without notice. This above guidance is periodically reviewed and may be amended at any time. We may impose additional restrictions on adverts appearing on particular pages or sections of our website.


Channels    (Section Reference: )

bulletWebsite Classifieds
  Classified adverts are displayed prominently on the Home page and every article level pages (right hand side). These adverts share the same space with other classifieds and are shown in rotation. Your advert for classified space must be an image (PNG, JPEG, animated GIF) that is no larger than 260px X 260px. Your advert may link to a website or facebook page of your choice.

bulletWebsite Dedicated Space Adverts
  These adverts have their own dedicated space and their sizes and prices depends on their location.

  More information on this will be provided soon.

  More information on this will be provided soon.

bulletSocial Media
  More information on this will be provided soon.