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Monday, Sep 29 2014


There can be many reasons behind fear but the one that I have encountered is self-doubt.

Friday, Jun 20 2014

Bastar Banter

Naxalites are locked in combat with the state in these beautiful lands. This is the Red corridor – iron rich, Maoist-dominated. The visitor seldom gets to meet Maoists but their presence is easily felt.

Wednesday, Mar 19 2014

বাংলাভাষা ও বাঙালি চরিত্র

সংস্কৃত “প্রীতি’ শব্দের মধ্যে একটা বিমল উদার মানসিক ভাব নিহিত আছে। কিন্তু বাংলা “পিরিতি’ শব্দের মধ্যে সেই বিশুদ্ধ ভাবটুকু নাই।

Sunday, Feb 9 2014

Vivekananda: One of India’s leading lights

Swami Vivekananda is often seen as a Hindu religious figure, but he is much more than that. A social reformer who shook the world by his words reverberating what an inclusive and progressive India stands for.

Thursday, Jan 16 2014

Devyani: Another Viewpoint

India is ruled by the bureaucrats is evident in this mess. The bureaucracy has closed ranks and is shamelessly trying to protect one of their own

Monday, Nov 4 2013

How I Celebrated Diwali This Year in America

It put a big smile on my face. I realized I didn’t wait for big media — CNN, Fox or New York Times — to tell Americans about Diwali.

Thursday, Oct 24 2013

Mourning Manna Dey and His Magical Music

I knew Manna Dey through that little transistor radio we had in our home in Calcutta

Tuesday, Sep 10 2013

Is Tollywood Thinking Too Much?

A look at some of the intriguing issues which Tollywood’s big and small production houses are exploring through their movies in the past few years.

Monday, Jul 15 2013

What’s with Science in Bengal?

Many Bengali researchers are doing brilliant science in premier labs outside India but Kolkata has failed to hold back its enormous talent pool.

Friday, Jul 5 2013

Even I have a Village

Sepia-tinted picture-postcard images of children, my grand uncles and aunts, pottering around in the courtyard, elderly women fetching water transported me in time.

Friday, Jun 14 2013

How to recommend in LinkedIn

You may experience a moment of unsurpassed seniority, supreme power and strength...

Tuesday, May 21 2013

“You say it bes…

"Our greatest pretences are built up not to hide the evil and the ugly in us, but our emptiness"

Wednesday, May 15 2013

Mother’s Day: My Salute to the Working Mother

On this Mother’s Day, let’s sing a praise for the working, sacrificing mother all over the world.

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