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Happy Colours of Life

Meet the artist behind a fusion of psychedelic, modern, traditional and folk style artwork that reflects her creativity, positive energy, vitality and simplicity.

Anannya Chowdhury
Sat, Nov 14 2015

Photo courtsey: Anannya Chowdhury

About Anannya

Anannya is a self-taught, award winning artist from Dallas, with a vibrant personality that is reflected in all the art she creates. Her art has been displayed in the Mayor’s Building, Public Library, Cafés, and internationally shown in many juried exhibitions, art magazines, and newspapers. She has also won numerous awards over a short span of time and her achievements have inspired many.

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I was born in Meghalaya, a state at the most north-eastern part of India. Meghalaya means “the abode of clouds”, it's called that because it is a mountainous region with rich stretches of valleys and it's the wettest place on earth, rainfall is part of the landscape. The Meghalayan forests are considered to be among the richest botanical habitats of Asia. Meghalaya is popularly called the Switzerland of India, a beautiful, green, colder part of India.

I was brought up in an environment where a girl of the family must know how to sing, dance, act, cook and should have long hair. Family expectations were that I must be married by a certain age. Like most Bengali families, art and culture was always a part of our upbringing. However, I was always more interested in creating art, which included watercolors, craft work, embroidery, ceramic and clay, foil, sand art, and much more. I was always doing something and my spare time was for creating anything that came to mind.

I'm a self-taught artist and I simply just enjoyed creating. When I was in the third grade, I knitted a baby sweater by myself for my neighbor’s five month old baby girl. I made a miniature clay kitchen that included all small kitchenware with mud and glue. It was so much fun because I made a lot of clay kitchenware for other kids in my neighborhood and we played with the sets.

In Vadodara, after completing my undergraduate degree, I started teaching painting and craft work to autistic children. Meanwhile, my learning art continued and so did trying out new mediums. I used to participate in art events and even won several awards! The feeling of creating something was immense and enjoyable.

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I got married and moved to the United States in 2001, to start a new life. I remember the day I arrived in Minneapolis, Minnesota. It was the day of the worst snow storm I have ever seen in my life. I was very afraid at this sudden change of place, weather and my life. Unfortunately, things didn’t turn out as I expected and I stopped my association with art for twelve long years due to my unhappiness in marriage which consequently led to divorce. I believe in never giving up managed to get strength and stayed in America and started a new life. My dream had a new beginning and my passion for creativity and art once again returned.

I'm now a full time professional artist and I’m very happy and proud of my accomplishments. My work is admired by many galleries in Texas and my work is beginning to be recognized and awarded. I always had the admiration from my parents and my brother who has been a huge support. I’m finally starting to paint again after twelve years and have been successful so far. My future dream is to open my own gallery and studio where I can sell my paintings and craftwork, and to promote culture and diversity. I promote colors to make people happy. I believe happy colors, brings happy thoughts.

My artwork is dedication to my mother’s love and my mother is my Inspiration. I always want her to smile and every time I exhibit or win an award, she is simply smiling. That's what makes me going. I also feel I want to set an example that life is all about following your passion, about standing up and never giving up. I want to keep growing in my art world, and love the feeling I get when I paint and create.

My creative process starts with a clean canvas. I think about highlighting another person or what feeling the person will get when they see the finished painting. My artwork has lots of curved lines, patterns and small detail. I love challenge on my canvas. I like simplicity in life and so I'm honest, it makes things simple in life. I’m an extremely focused person. I have my dreams and vision and what I will do next. I'm a perfectionist by nature and bring that into my artwork. I believe that everything is possible only by the art of positive thoughts. I love enjoying little pleasures in life from a cup of Indian tea (chai) in the morning to taking a walk in the evening. I am not a person to sit and stress over something because I believe in myself, my dreams and the justice of god. I know I’m on the right path to succeed. After all what you believe in is what you get. I love to laugh, watch comedy movies, and be simple and nice to everyone. I love life and everything about my life.

I'm fascinated by Indian Nobel Laureate, Rabindranath Tagore and his paintings. I also feel inspired by the Shantiniketan style of art that was started as a school of art by Tagore from Calcutta, India. When I came to America, I loved the work of painter Van Gogh. I love his curves and certain patterns that he painted because my work is mostly lots of symmetrical patterns and curves. India’s culture is not just about curries or the export of IT engineers, it’s also a rich and colorful culture that has a long tradition of vibrant folk art that can bring a splash of color into your home. I do have a style that is a fusion of west and east and I’m very proud of my work and that unites both cultures.

My first exhibit was at the Fort Worth Community Arts Center. Soon after that I was invited to exhibit my work in other galleries and collective exhibits. One of the most memorable responses was to receive a recognition at TVVA- Texas Visual Art Association. I was selected as a winner and received the Honorary Mention Award which to my delight included a trip to Spain to exhibit my art there. I also received the Honorary Mention Award from McKinney in the textile art category, Best of Show Award from Dallas Downtown Gallery and much more. It brings me so much joy when people ask me about the type of art I do. I t gives me the drive to keep going!

I am always grateful for such blessings.

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bullet Comments:

Anannya Chowdhury (Wednesday, Nov 18 2015):
Thank you very much for your appreciation and support. Anannya


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