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Mahishasura Mardini

This puja, give your child something special.

Sun, Sep 6 2015

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Having worked in the field of advertising for a few years now, the duo has begun their own creative firm.

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In today’s digital age when a child’s first birthday gift has become an electronic device that plays music and shows videos and prepares him for a life full of such media attack, two minds from Kolkata, India got thinking how to make a child fall in love with story books all over again. The Initiative that emerged from the has been named Tales of India. It is a venture to have books for children that tell them the stories you heard from your grandparents. Books that would become friends.

These stories that have been told through generations get a novel twist in its representation. The use of bright colours and language that any kid can easily enjoy, Tales of India brings cartoons back to print. The first one of the series being the epic tale of good and evil, Mahishasura Mardini is a reader’s treat.

Plans for the next few issues are already in process and this wonderful piece of art for kids can assure to take them to a world of mythology and Indian heritage. One can get it to anyone they think should be a part of India’s legacy of fables. A perfect gift for the kid and also the kid in you who longs for childhood to be back.

You can buy this book by clicking on this link here.

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