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Monday, Oct 13 2014

Ilish Lament

There was a time when Ilish melted in the mouth but not any more, complains Kingshuk Mukherji.

Thursday, Oct 2 2014

Durga for a day

The arrival of Devi Durga brings back childhood memories and enlivens the thoughts of the bygone days.

Friday, Sep 26 2014

Tandoori at Tel Aviv

'Desi food' in faraway Israel makes Indranil Gangopadhyay satisfy his cravings for Indian cuisine.

Monday, Jun 2 2014

Organic Lifestyle

Organic gardening ensures healthy and fresh food within easy access.

Thursday, Mar 27 2014

When eves hog lenslight

Marriage is about emotions, a kaleidoscope of joyful melodrama; none can sense and capture them better than a lens woman

Wednesday, Aug 21 2013

Shillong: Scotland of the East

Gurudev Rabindranath Tagore, who visited Shillong way back in 1919, was mesmerised by the ‘aka baka poth’ or the meandering roads through the striking green pine forests.

Wednesday, Jul 3 2013

Magical Monsoon in Goa

Clouds come floating into my life, no longer to carry rain or usher storm, but to add color to my sunset sky - Tagore

Wednesday, Jul 3 2013

রন্ধনে বন্ধনমুক্তি

রান্না আমার কাছে আর পাঁচটা একঘেয়ে কাজ নয় । বরং তা হল আমার একঘেয়েমির বন্ধন থেকে মুক্তির পথ, বাইরের দুনিয়ার জানলা ।

Sunday, Jun 2 2013

Communicating Culturally: Top 3 Tips

Professionals in the West prefer to keep their writing simple and easy-to-understand unlike their counterparts in the East, who prefer elaboration and a stronger vocabulary.

Thursday, May 9 2013

Tagore’s abode of peace: A tourist’s delight

Travelling to Shantiniketan is not only about tourism but a sojourn that takes one deep into the world of culture.

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