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Prabashi Post is a platform to celebrate the success of global Bengalis.

Thu, May 9 2013

Photo Credit: Rajat Dey

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My many Kolkata

Let us welcome you all on behalf of Prabashi Post, which is open from today to celebrate the achievements of global Bengalis. Who can be a better ambassador of Bengalis on the world stage than Rabindranath Tagore. One of the greatest thinkers of his time, Tagore is a unique embodiment of everything that is global as well as Bengali. It is for this reason that Prabashi Post chose the poet’s 152nd birthday to embark on a unique journey of promoting the essence of everything that is related to millions of Bengalis living around the world. Tagore’s belief in internationalism has influenced us to look beyond the geographical boundaries of what has been the traditional homeland of the Bengalis, and yet our aim is also to build a bridge between Bengal and the rest of the world.

Bengalis all over the world have made tremendous strides in various spheres of life. They have positioned themselves in places of importance all around the globe, but sky-high aspirations and resounding success have never steered them away from the roots. Prabashi Post aspires to promote this emotional chord that binds all Bengalis together.

All Bengalis living around the globe are the real custodians of this endeavour and we are confident of living up to your expectations. We are aware of the initial hiccups and teething problems, but are confident of taking this publication project for Bengalis to a new height. With your support and commitment we are sure that the world is up for grabs.

As we embark on this epic journey, let us recall the contribution of those who worked hard to uphold the uniqueness and dignity of all Bengalis. We seek cooperation and support from each and every Bengali living around the globe to make this project a resounding success.
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